San Pedro ceremony

Share the wonders of San Pedro (Wachuma) with experienced help and guidance at Magia Verde Lodge.

San Pedro is a beautiful day, and we spend it in a beautiful place.  Unlike Ayahuasca, our introductory ceremonies always take place during the day.  Those wishing to explore San Pedro deeper are invited to drink at night.  Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they like, and experience San Pedro as often as they want.  Unlike other plant medicine lodges, Magia Verde wants you to be flexible and free.  Stay for one ceremony, stay for hundreds.  Just chat with Scott about what it is that you are hoping to find, and we will customize a plan.

​Those wishing to really know this beautiful plant are invited to involve themselves in cutting and cooking ceremonies at Magia Verde.  These take place over several days, and are taken seriously.  It is during the cutting and cooking that we really focus on the intentions we are going to bring to the ceremony.  It is a pleasure teaching people about San Pedro, it’s preparation and helping them form intentions.  There is no additional charge for cutting and cooking ceremonies.


For those wishing to experience San Pedro during the day, we open ceremony at around 10 in the morning.  San Pedro is a gentle medicine that lasts a long time.  You will feel the effects long into the night. We ask that you eat a very light breakfast before attending ceremony.  I recommend a few bananas and other non-acidic fruits.  Other than that there is no diet required.  We eat well during the day.  Meals are included in the cost.

We close ceremony in the evening before the first person wishes to go to bed.  You will still feel the effects of this beautiful medicine after the ceremony has closed.  We always close ceremony.  This is an important part of the day.  We open ourselves up to what can best be described as a spiritual world…and we want to say goodbye and thank you to those spirits before we go to sleep.

We recommend that everyone joining us the first time drink San Pedro during the day.  San Pedro does not have strong hallucinogenic effects, but everyone describes seeing colours as seeming more bright, vibrant, and, well… colourful.  Many people describe the effect as truly seeing a colour for the very first time.  You can also expect to feel a real connection to the natural world around you.  Expect to feel a sense of oneness with the trees, the river and the animals around us.  This, of course, is best experienced in daylight.

San Pedro ceremonies at night are very different.  In the absence of light, the experience becomes far more internal.  This is the jungle, and in the jungle at night you can expect the experience to be very aural. You will be surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature while looking more internally than you would in a daytime ceremony.  This is only for the experienced, who wish to explore further and deeper.

​The cost of a San Pedro ceremony during the day is $50.  This includes meals that day.  Prices may vary according to group size.  Contact Scott for details.

San Pedro Ceremony at Magia Verde: Reviews:

* “Our San Pedro ceremony was an amazing experience. I would fully recommend staying here and will for sure pay a visit if I’m back in Ecuador!” Esme

* “Thank you for sharing your dreams and visions with us, thank you for caring about the earth and doing all you can to protect the forests. Thank you for the magical expansive sacred San Pedro journeys and the deeper more profound connection with nature’s wonder!” Rachel and Mark

* “It was a privilege to share the Grandfather and meditate under the huge Ceiba tree on the new moon. In Maya culture the Ceiba is the connection between Heaven and Earth, the point for communications between the higher and lower realms. All contribute to making the experience so special, unique and tranquil.” Zara and Alex

* “We had a really great time at Scott’s place, especially the San Pedro experience was amazing (thank you again!). Scott cares strongly about nature, a beautiful characteristic and you’ll understand why when you see the little paradise he lives in.” Anahita

* “We spent 10 marvelous days at Scott’s…We really enjoy the life there…He also prepared a San Pedro ceremony for us, which was one of our most special moments in our life. Highly recommended!” Marina and Roberto

* “We were very happy to receive Scott’s invitation to perform the ceremony of San Pedro … it was a spiritual experience that impelled us to great personal changes, and at all times he and Maca were accompanying us and guiding us to make us feel safe … and so it was how we felt​” Rodrigo and Rebecca