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Magia Verde Lodge

Jungle Lodge in Pununo, Ecuador

Or contact Scott directly for more booking options.

Magia Verde Lodge was created for people who want to experience the beauty of the rivers, beaches, jungles and plant medicines of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

There are rooms, cabins and camping options for those on a budget.

We hold plant medicine ceremonies including San Pedro and Ayahuasca in a safe and beautiful environment. Other Lodges in the area charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for these experiences, but at Magia Verde we believe these magical medicines should be available to all who wish to discover them.

Welcome to Magia Verde.

Magia Verde is all about creating a space in the Amazon where visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of the jungle and the river that flows through it. Many friends and volunteers have helped to shape Magia Verde into this special place in the Amazon. By using sustainable materials and a respectful approach to the environment, Scott has created a unique and comfortable “village” in the jungle primarily constructed out of driftwood, river stones and bamboo.

Magia Verde is also dedicated to preserving and sharing traditional plant medicines including Ayahuasca and San Pedro.


Brian Scott Charteris was born in Canada, grew up in South Africa and has traveled extensively, always imaging the sort of place he would like to take his backpack.  Following an epiphany on his first ayahuasca journey, he packed up his home in Western Canada for a more fulfilling life in the jungle. After years of searching throughout South America he found a spot by the Misahualli River in Ecuador and knew he had found his new home: a magical place of running water where sandy beaches meet pristine rainforest.


Situated along the Misahualli River, a few minutes drive from the village of Puerto Misahualli, on a private road, full of private beaches, trails and lagoons, Magia Verde Lodge is a place to be.

Magia Verde is a place to meet fellow travelers, relax after a day of hiking or swimming and get closer to the sights and sounds of the surrounding jungle. Built from bamboo, river rocks, driftwood and other sustainable materials, there is an airy open feel to our little “village”. Watch the next video for more information.


Magia Verde Lodge hosts retreats and ceremonies including San Pedro (Wachuma) and Ayahuasca.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable, safe and supporting environment to experience these plant medicines. While similar ceremonies can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, at Magia Verde we believe these beautiful medicines and experiences should be available to all.
San Pedro (Wachuma Cactus)

Magia Verde Lodge hosts beautiful and expansive San Pedro ceremonies. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, safe and supporting environment to experience this profoundly gentle medicine. While similar ceremonies can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, at Magia Verde we believe these beautiful medicines and experiences should be open to all.


Ayahuasca can be an intense experience that you should prepare for. This requires dedication and possibly some sacrifice on your part. You are urged to learn more about this special and beautiful medicine and prepare yourself before taking it.


Stay in the Magia Verde Lodge in your own private cabin with a balcony overlooking the water, gardens and jungle.

The cabins are made from sustainable material sourced on the property and along the river.
The hand-made furniture is made entirely from driftwood collected along the river. Each cabin has a comfortable double bed and hammocks with private dining area.


per person


Back-packing on a budget? Ask about the private rooms at Magia Verde Lodge.

Safe and secure, with comfortable double beds in a rustic jungle setting. The rooms have balconies that overlook the open lodge. Meet in the communal kitchen, dine in the lodge, and share your experiences. Feel free to use all the amenities (laundry, kitchen et al).


per person


Get closer to the jungle. Secluded campsites along our private trails.

Bring your own tent or rent one here, we have covered camping spots scattered around Magia Verde. Fire pits and wood for outdoor cooking are available, or feel free to cook in the kitchen. Ideal for backpackers or travelers wanting to experience Misahuallí, San Pedro or Ayahuasca on a budget.


per person

Tents available to rent
for $2 per night.





Or contact Scott directly for more booking options.


Contact Scott at Magia Verde Lodge to see what accomodation options are right for you and to get help planning your stay.


    around Misahualli

    Tubing the Misahualli River

    Come tubing with Scott down the Misahualli River. An easy and relaxing way to get a little deeper into the jungle, see more wildlife and have an adventure.

    The Hiking Trails of Magia Verde

    Scott has planted over 600 trees to help protect and attract the diverse species that make the jungle their home. Hiking trails will take you around the property, and to some beautiful little private beaches. Take a little hike at night, you never know what you might see.

    Giant Ceibo

    A 5 minute walk from the lodge finds you at “The Millennial Tree”. Said to be over a thousand years old, this giant takes time to just walk around. Often surrounded by marmosets and parrots, the tree is a close-by must see when you are staying at Magia Verde. The enormity of it will amaze you.

    Community of Shiripuno

    Meet the indigenous Quichua people of the Amazon. ​The community of Shiripuno develops ecotourism activities linked to their customs, traditions, legends, folklore. They market with crafts, perform shamanic sessions on the sacred stone and travel through the botanical garden.

    Cavern of Machacuyaku

    Approximately 5 km from Puerto Misahualli, the geology of the place is formed by marine shales, limestones and calcareous sandstones. Stalactites and stalagmites are observed. The flora and fauna are specialized in surviving without light (bats, spiders, crustaceans, etc.).

    Cascadas de Latas

    The waterfalls are located just a few kilometers away (a 30 cent bus ride or a couple of dollars by taxi). They are a major attraction during the weekend when tourists visit from the mountains. During the week though, you can have them all to yourself.

    Amazingly tranquil and magical. The energy of the land and river is potent! Magia Verde is full of Integrity and Heart. Scott is a inspirational soul, and dedicated custodian of this sacred place. Highly recommended!!

    ​Rachel B. Guest

    Scott has a little jungle paradise and is willing to share it! The days were hot and rainy, but oh so beautiful. The life of the jungle I can’t get enough of. We were never overworked, Scott is super fair and a giving guy. We enjoyed hanging out with him and his buddy Damian, listening to music and getting into good conversation. Go help him with his project! Gracias Scott - the stay was short but sweet!!

    Victoria Guest

    Thank you very much Scott for your welcome. Spend 3 very good weeks in this volunteering. The place is beautiful and Scott a very good person. You can choose the tasks and they are not difficult. The project is very nice and deserves the success. It is a very recommended place for all those who love nature. Good luck and success!

    Camille Designation

    Had a great stay at Scotts! His beautiful pure land makes it easy to help with whatever he needs done, we arranged some rocks for his trail, weeded for most of the days, painted & cleaned some rocks. Great guy, willing to share all of his food & makes sure you have a comfortable stay. Total tranquility. Misahualli is a special place.

    Sophie Guest

    Amazing place & great host! Definitely recommend this place. Thanks a lot, Scott. It's been awesome to stay with you!!

    Melanie and Junior Guests

    I spent two wonderful weeks with Scott, his girlfriend, their dog and their two cats. He really has a vision for his property and is trying his best to get it started as soon as the nature lets him. I really felt at home there and would love to come back to see how the place has changed!

    Emilie Guest

    Jungle bliss.. Ouiouioui! Scott is a monkey man feeding his monkey/marmoset brothers with fruit, fruit and more fruit trees. And no words would make justice to this humble project. Scott makes you feel at home the very first day.. He shares his dreams, his life, his home, his forest, his food, you name it! If you are lucky enough, he’ll make you his eggplant curry with mani (peanut butter) sauce.

    Ashna Guest

    I had a great time at Scotts place. It is just a beautiful place surrounded by so much life. Scott is an easygoing guy who was great to spend time with. The work was interesting and abilities were always taken into account, I got to do some cool creative cement work. Our San Pedro ceremony was also an amazing experience. I would fully recommend staying here and will for sure pay a visit if I'm back in Ecuador!

    Esme Guest

    During the two weeks we spent at Scott's lodge, we were able to really experience the rainforest and Misahuallí. We are very grateful for the time spent at Scott's and the friends we made there. Special thanks for an epic birthday celebration! Good luck with your project and thank you for everything, we hope to come back in a few years to see your progress and catch up! Cheers 🙂

    Sheree and Timothy Guest

    What an amazing month we spent with Scott! Thank you for sharing your dreams and visions with us, thank you for caring about the earth and doing all you can to protect the forests. Thank you for the magical expansive sacred San Pedro journeys and the deeper more profound connection with nature’s wonder! Scott, you have quickly become my life Long Brother.

    Rachel and Mark Guest

    Really loved my stay in Misahualli! Scott's place is so pretty! Right next to the river! And so much fun with the other volunteers! Great vibes all around. Felt very welcome, appreciated and taken care of by Scott. There's something to do there for everyone, very flexible! Just come and use your skill set to make the place a little better. Absolutely recommend! Such good memories!

    Wouter Guest

    Scott has a very unique and special place in the jungle. It is awesome to see someone living their dream and to be a small part of what Scott is creating. Learning to work in collaboration with nature and the elements...... it does not seem like work when you are so close to the river, the jungle and all the wild life.

    Zara and Alex Guest

    I spent around two weeks in the project of Scott. Thank you so much. Was so nice to live in this little wood house in the jungle, close to the river. Such a good environment to take a good breath. Beautiful wildlife, birds and monkeys :). Beautiful paths in the jungle are actually in construction.

    ​Julia Guest

    Scott, thank you for this beautiful garden forest you are putting together for people and animals visiting you. I had a magical stay at yours. Waking up to the forest’s symphony, melting through the day’s sun, dipping into the sweet muddy punono river and meeting the magical: el señor Pedro, were revitalizing. I’ll definitely visit you in the near future to walk the magical mosaic pathway.

    Ashna Guest

    The work hours are really super fair and the work is always interesting and does make sense to me ; creating drain for the flood, reforesting the land, making trails throught the jungle, making a vegetable garden.. So cool to chill there, cook and have fun with scott and the other volunteers. The san pedro session was mind blowing.

    Julia Guest

    It was a privilege to share the Grandfather and meditate under the huge Ceiba tree on the new moon. In Maya culture the Ceiba is the connection between Heaven and Earth, the point for communications between the higher and lower realms. All contribute to making the experience so special, unique and tranquil.

    Zara and Alex Guests